Interior & Exterior Design, Architecture.

All types of design of residential, commercial and public spaces in accordance with the purpose and functionality to ensure a more productive and comfortable use.

Architectural solutions for rooms and spaces of various sizes and purposes using modern design trends, materials and functionality.

Development, production and assembly of houses, bungalows and other objects of different sizes and purposes from natural wood, production of furniture, decorations for the interior and exterior.

Design of facades, wall coverings, floors and other surfaces in the development of interiors and exteriors for various premises, public spaces and squares.

Creation of turnkey projects – interior and exterior design, furniture, facades, adjoining territories, detailed development of the concept, style and atmosphere.

Design of interiors and exteriors for cafes and restaurants of any complexity, area and purpose with the elaboration of style, image, atmosphere and a unique detailed concept.

Interior and exterior development for residential premises of any size, apartments, villas, residences, as well as the development and design of facades of private houses and residential complexes.

Creation of design for premises for various purposes for hotel complexes and public spaces of various sizes and purposes, detailed design of the exterior and interior.

Design and creation of handmade furniture and decor from natural wood for interiors and exteriors, cafes, restaurants, public spaces, hotel complexes and residences.